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Andrea WeaverMs. Andrea Takács is a Hungarian writer. She was born in Hungary in 1969.

In 2004 she graduated from the Mantra College of Natural Siences in the Faculty of Parapsychology of Budapest.
In 2009 she took a degree from Liberal Arts at the faculty of Modern Philology and Social Studies at Pannon University of Veszprém.
In 2012 she earned her Master's from Human and Social Studies as a teacher and a teacher of Pedagogy.

She has published 8 novels so far under the pen-name 'Andrea Weaver'.
Her books are: The Eleventh Commandment (1995), Parlour Game (2002), My Angel?! (2005), Inner Castle (2010), The Chronicle of the Future (2012), The Tropical Rabbit's Perfect Blood Donation and Astonishing Transfiguration (2013/parody), Calumnia (2014), The Lightbringer (2016)
In 2019 she created the Inner Circle, a self-knowledge developer tool. 100 pages out ot the 500 were painted by herself. With this tool, which serves as a celestial link, she often holds Inner Circle self-knowledge developer trainings and workshops.

The subjects of her books, which are finding our inner strength, the world shaping events and the causes and effects, are approached from psychological, philosophical, anthropological and spiritual angles.
Andrea Weaver was recognised and respected by the famous Hungarian writer Mária Szepes.


Readers' Comments

'Dear Andrea,
It was happened accidently that the "My Angel?!" book felt into my hands and I read it several times and it trilled me. I believe that if the "My Angel?!" goes through to the half of the people there lives would be nicer.'

'I am writing behalf of my friend. He read the "The Eleventh Commandment" and he liked so much the way how you write and your style and he appreciated your humor. He said that he could not put the book down and he read it to two days.'

'I would like to thank you this amazing book, "My Angel?!". After I got it I put it on the shelf and I haven't read it for half a year but when I started to read it I finished within few days. I believe that was the perfect time to me when I was ready to learn most from it. Thank you one more time! Today I ended the book but I am going to start read it again recently. I wish you could write a lot of similar book in the future.'

'Firstly, I would like to thank that you are existing, secondly I would like to thank you the book, "My Angel?!". I learned a lot from it, I had known lot of things before I read it but only now I could put the pictures together totally in my-self. Thank you one more time.'

'I didn't have to read your book for long to feel that special feeling that I constantly felt during I read the book, I felt I arrived home. I could not express my feeling clearly but you now the best, there are feelings whereat there are not words...'